Engage Customers. Drive Business.

Bespeak helps companies engage with customers to build stronger, more successful and profitable relationships.

Meet Bespeak.

Bespeak (formerly SMS Masterminds) was founded with the vision of helping small and medium businesses harness the power of mobile to maximize existing customer relationships. Bespeak offers a fully-customizable kiosk solution that enables businesses to create and facilitate custom loyalty programs that keep customers coming back for more.

Bespeak Marketing Partners span the country and provide onsite support and best practices guidance on the Bespeak customer engagement platform.

Our Core Values

100% Customer Success

We do things differently than most software companies. Instead of focusing 80% of our attention on new customers, we spend 80% of our effort making our existing customers successful.

Relentless Innovation

With world class R&D, we’re always reimagining and improving our solutions, our services, and how we deliver them, so that the value our customers and partners experience continuously rises.

Process & Discipline

We deploy processes that make the business run smoothly, and employ experts in their fields. This discipline provides successful interactions both internally and externally.